Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the 6 Month Old

Sarah you are 6 months old today. Wow, that went by fast! So here's what's new with you:

* You weigh 13 lbs 10 oz and are in the 10th percentile.
* You are 26 inches long and in the 50th percentile.
* You can sit up on your own, but still have a flop over from to time. We can tell when you fell over accidentally because you fall backwards. When you fall over on purpose, you throw yourself forward.
* Your favorite toy is the tag. It doesn't matter what the toy is or does, you like the tag the best.

* You've been to the pool a few times now and you like to go and splash. We take a bath toy with us and you chew on it and watch the other kids.
* You are a busy busy BUSY little girl and want to get into EVERYTHING. You want to crawl so bad, but you haven't quite figured it out so you mostly turn circles or go backwards. When you get your feet against something you kick and push yourself forward.
* Everything goes in your mouth.
* You have two adorable, and ridiculously sharp bottom teeth and at your check up this morning Dr. Catherine showed us that you have one coming in on the top.
* You are a good eater and lean towards the spoon for your rice cereal. So today we got the go ahead to start offering you vegetables.
* You don't like to cuddle anymore, there's too much to see and do for you to want to cuddle with mommy. But you still like it when we pick you up or sit with you in our lap to read books or play with toys.
* You're a good girl and let others hold you, but as soon as you get back to mommy or daddy you cling to us and put your face into our necks or shoulders. Mommy pretends like that's a hug and a kiss.
* We still have to swaddle you to sleep. Grandma Smith made you big swaddle blankets because you've outgrown all the little baby ones. We've tried putting you down without swaddling you. First you'll play for a little. Then you'll talk. Then quickly you'll start screaming like you're saying, "Hey guys I'm tired, can I get a little swaddle in here!" So we wrap you up and you're out within about 3 min.
* You still love it when mommy sings. But we have narrowed it down to a few songs that are your favorites. #1, Little Einsteins (opening and curtain call), #2 Baby Shark, and #3 Little Ducks.
* We love you so very much!

And for a little out take. Here's why the sign is above and behind her or crammed under her.

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