Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the 5 month old

Sarah you're 5 months old today!
(I'll have to take your picture with the sign tomorrow.)

* You weigh 12 lbs 1 ounce (back on the growth chart!)
* You are now wearing 3 to 6 month clothes and look adorable in them.
* You've been sleeping in the pack and play for 3 weeks and have been such a trooper.
* You are such a happy baby!  You smile all the time and we LOVE it.
* You have been such a trooper with the busy days we've had.  You've even gone out to the house to work a couple of times.
* You really enjoy baths now.  Grandma and grandpa have fun toys for bath time.  You like to kick your feet and splash and turn the boats over.  When the sail boat gets too close you snatch it up and try to eat it.
* In fact, you try to eat everything these days.  You even reach for our cups, plates, utensils and try to bring them to your mouth.
* Teething hasn't been much fun.  You've got 1 tooth with 3 little peaks sticking out and it's neighbor trying to work its way through the surface.  We give you baby oragel, it's funny.
* You seem like you want to crawl but haven't figured it out yet.  I'm hoping it takes you a little while longer.  I like putting you down and knowing where you'll be when I get back, though usually you've rotated yourself a bit.
* You are very grabby and love to touch everything.  (Followed quickly by putting it in your mouth.)
* You went to E.T's birthday party and that was the first time you really played with other kids.  It was so much fun to watch you smile and copy (or try to) everything they did with the toys, especially the leap frog music table.
* You gave your first really big giggle today.  And we got it on camera.  Enjoy!
(Sorry you have to turn your head, I don't know how to rotate video.)

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