Monday, May 31, 2010

The Schwartz's vs Memorial Day Traditions

Ah, Memorial Day, the official kick off to summer.  Sarah's excited, are you?

What a special treat this year as our Schwartz branch has grown.  Sarah joined us at our two traditional Memorial Day events.  On Saturday we went to the Brooks' for their annual cook out.  Then on memorial day we gathered at Ma and Pa Schwartz's house for our 9th annual Memorial Day cook out.  I'm not quite sure if everyone realizes we've done it every year but we sure have (at least as best as I can recall).  Our first memorial day cook out at the Schwartz house was quite eventful.  Have you ever had  frost bite, in Memphis, in May?  Well I have it was on this day 9 years ago.  (Who's up for a round of see how long you can keep your hand in the ice cream salt bucket?)  And since then we have gathered as a family to laugh, grill, and eat ice cream.

Now, funny story about how we got Sarah's memorial day picture taken.  She was being super cranky, and uncooperative, so we turned on the Little Einsteins theme song on you tube so she would hopefully smile.  Here are the zombie baby out takes where she is obviously starring at the laptop screen.  I especially like the one where she's trying to look at me and cut her eyes to the screen.  And the other one I really just want you to notice the fantastically adorable hair bow our friend made that matches her dress perfectly!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Rice Cereal

Rice cereal.  I don't see what the big deal about it is, but people have been telling us to give it to Sarah since she was 2 weeks old.  We finally tried it out this past week.
I'm not all together sure Sarah was a fan of it.  She didn't cry.  But gave me lots of looks like this.  

And this:

I probably gave her about 10 or so spoonfuls.  And of those she perhaps ate 2 or 3.  The doctor at her 5 month weight check said we'd start trying vegetables when she's 6 months old.  We'll see if she likes something with flavor better.

The Schwartz's vs the Flood (Part Deux)

Time for a flood update. It's now been almost a month and we still aren't home. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is finally in sight.  Chris has been working very hard every evening at the house.  We are very blessed to have wonderful friends and family who have helped us.

So here's what's been going on.
Everything has been patched up.  Master bath.
  Living room.
Guest bedroom.  (This was my favorite room by the way.)
New marble tile floor Chris and his father laid in the guest bath.
Sarah's room.

Since these pictures we have painted almost all of the rooms.  The only rooms left to paint are the bathrooms.  I only took a couple of pictures of the new master bedroom and bath colors.  And it was at night after we had finished so they aren't that great.  I'll take better pictures next time.

New master bath color.  Chris picked it, so don't get on to be about how light it is.  For those of you wondering, I like very light colors and Chris likes very bold colors.  In fact, when it came time to pick I brought home the catalogue of whites and tinted whites and told Chris he could pick anything he wanted from that.  =)
New master bedroom color, again Chris picked.  I like it.  It's called silverberry.  At first we wanted to paint the bathroom this color and our bedroom a cool grey.  But it looked bad against the marble so it became our bedroom color, and that grey we picked out will be the guest bath.
Chris really wanted to paint the kitchen copper.  We tried 3 different colors but none of them really worked.  I think if we had ivory cabinets they would have looked better.
Then on a home depot run, Susan and I thought green might look good in the kitchen.  So we picked up 2 more samples and slapped them on the wall.  Chris decided on the green on the right.  This is pretty amazing because we made a decision and immediately painted it the next day.  Normally it would have taken a few days of debating before a color would be agreed upon.  I think Chris figured he better jump on it before I change my mind and break out the light and airy catalogue as previously mentioned.

So, you may be thinking what's left to get the Schwartz's back into their home.  Well, it should just be a matter of finishing painting, and putting up baseboards for our part.  Then we've hired someone to install the tile floors and bought carpet and install from Lowes.  The tile guy has been great, he's going to grout and seal the bathrooms Tuesday and start laying the kitchen on Wednesday.  The carpet people...that's another story.  They say they can't lay our carpet until June 17th!  So we're praying they can fit us in sooner.  The Lord has really put the right people in our path to get this work done, so I have no doubt that it will work out.  But just in case it doesn't get moved up, I think the Ma and Pa Schwartz are getting tired of us...anyone want to house a couple of homeless Schwartz?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the 5 month old

Sarah you're 5 months old today!
(I'll have to take your picture with the sign tomorrow.)

* You weigh 12 lbs 1 ounce (back on the growth chart!)
* You are now wearing 3 to 6 month clothes and look adorable in them.
* You've been sleeping in the pack and play for 3 weeks and have been such a trooper.
* You are such a happy baby!  You smile all the time and we LOVE it.
* You have been such a trooper with the busy days we've had.  You've even gone out to the house to work a couple of times.
* You really enjoy baths now.  Grandma and grandpa have fun toys for bath time.  You like to kick your feet and splash and turn the boats over.  When the sail boat gets too close you snatch it up and try to eat it.
* In fact, you try to eat everything these days.  You even reach for our cups, plates, utensils and try to bring them to your mouth.
* Teething hasn't been much fun.  You've got 1 tooth with 3 little peaks sticking out and it's neighbor trying to work its way through the surface.  We give you baby oragel, it's funny.
* You seem like you want to crawl but haven't figured it out yet.  I'm hoping it takes you a little while longer.  I like putting you down and knowing where you'll be when I get back, though usually you've rotated yourself a bit.
* You are very grabby and love to touch everything.  (Followed quickly by putting it in your mouth.)
* You went to E.T's birthday party and that was the first time you really played with other kids.  It was so much fun to watch you smile and copy (or try to) everything they did with the toys, especially the leap frog music table.
* You gave your first really big giggle today.  And we got it on camera.  Enjoy!
(Sorry you have to turn your head, I don't know how to rotate video.)

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Flood

I have a little song, like to hear it goes.  (All you Mormons sing along, you know the tune.)

Oh, the foolish Schwartz built their house on Tipton Crossin'.
The foolish Schwartz built their house on Tipton Crossin'.
The foolish Schwartz built their house on Tipton Crossin'
And the rains came a tumbling down.
Oh the rains came down and the floods came up.
The rains came down and the floods came up.
The rains came down and the floods came up.
And the Schwartz did NOT have flood insurance.

Sorry about the blog hiatus.  We've been dealing with the flood and I haven't been in a fun enough mood to blog it.  But here we go.  I took pictures early in the morning before it got to the highest.  As far as the whole flood goes, we didn't get it nearly as bad as others.  But I am now under the impression, any flood is a bad flood, because of all the work you never think about that goes into recovering from it.

The water actually came up and not in for the most part.  As you know concrete is porous like a sponge. So once our foundation soaked up as much as it could it had no where to go but up.  And up it came.

Here is is coming through the carpet.And through the wood floors.  That was kinda neat.  It bubbled as it came through the cracks between the planks of wood.Mom noticed it in the bathroom first and tried in vain to soak it up.  See the towel she was trying to use.
All in all we had about 2 inches of water in the house.  Once we realized there was nothing we could do we sat in the living room with water up to our ankles and waited for Mom and Dad Schwartz to come and rescue us.  We had to put our dear cat Sophie up in the attic (unfinished second floor) because she was really distressed about the wet floors.  

Luckily because the waters didn't get too high we did not lose things (well, the Wii fit because I forgot to take it up from under the tv stand).  However, 2 inches of water in the house equals 6 inches of ruined dry wall and insulation.  So Chris, his family, and some very wonderful friends have been working every evening after work cutting out the bad stuff and cleaning the wood framing with mold cleaning stuff.

Cutting away the dry wall and insulation.The living room.  We hope the wood floors are fine, we just put them in last summer!
Chris, the mold killer and his tools of the trade.  

See the bubble in the kitchen floor.  We are trying to make ourselves feel better by saying things like "we always wanted a tile floor, now here's our excuse to do it."  But the bad news was when Chris started scraping it up, he found mold underneath it.  So that means we need to take the kitchen cabinets out and kill the mold under them.

So there's my very long story about the Great Flood of 2010.  We're shacking up with Chris's parents for now, until they kick us out I guess.  We are hoping to get the house back in living order soon, but it seems every day we find something new that has to be fixed or ripped out or packed up.  I've got my fingers crossed we can get all this done in about 2 weeks (with a lot of help from family and friends).