Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Schwartz's vs "I'll Never"

Yes, I use to say I'll never all the time.  Such as, "I'll never use a pacifier.  I don't want MY baby to be walking around with one of those in her mouth."  2 weeks old...paci in. 
However, my biggest was "I'll NEVER just sit my baby in front of the tv."  And I tried to fight it.  But here she is, buck naked (well she has a diaper) sitting in her swing, zoned out, in front of the tv watching Little Einsteins.  But let me explain!  Remember the diaper reference from the previous post.  Well, apparently I lost the battle and didn't get the diaper on securely enough and boy did we have a blow out.  Followed shortly by her puking on me while I tried to clean the first mess up.  I needed a moment to get myself changed, scrub poop out of cute clothes.  So yes.  My baby did get put in front of the tv.  But Little Einsteins are at least educational....and it was only ONE episode.  Though I was tempted there to leave her longer since she she was sans naps.

I guess, never say, "I'll never" until you have kids.  And for those of you waiting on the Easter outfit post...blame Auntie Cami.


  1. Well the Joiner's said the same thing until we got hooked on Little Einsteins.

  2. LOVE little Einsteins. So does Paige. Hey, I'm coming to visit. I'll be flying in tomorrow, and I do believe that there is a girl's night gathering at Larry's on Friday night. Send me your cell or home # and I'll call you when I get in.