Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Four Month Old

How did I get this big this fast?

Sarah, we love you so much.  Here's how you've grown this month.

Stats: head 15 3/4 in (25%tile)
          length 24 1/4 in (50%tile)
          weight (oi vey) 10 lbs 11 oz 

*  You are becoming quite the little chatter bug.  You especially like to talk in the car.  I'm thinking about getting out my SAT vocab study book to start getting you ready.  Forget the first word being dadda, we're going for full sentences.  (Welcome to having a type A mom.)  
*  You learned to roll over from your back to your tummy.  Today I put you on your tummy, went to go get something and when I came back you were on your back.  But I couldn't get you to repeat it.  We'll get there soon enough.
*  You LOVE the Little Einsteins (thanks Elsie Tate) and after you got your shots I sang the theme song to you and you calmed right down.  
*  You recognize mommy and daddy's voices and you look around for us when we're talking to you.
*  When daddy calls to talk to you, you smile as soon as you hear his voice.  You turn your head towards the phone looking for him.  And then you try to eat the phone.
*  ANYTHING is fair game to try to put in your mouth.  In fact when you get excited you don't actually smile, you open your mouth real big and try to eat whatever it is that made you happy.
*  You drool a lot!  Perhaps you're teething.
*  You are very strong.  You like to stand up and look around and watch people.
*  We LOVE your hair, though I'm sure you'll be embarrassed of the pictures when you are older.  It reminds me of troll hair.  I'm thinking about getting a jewel to put in your belly button and taking pictures.  
*  You like to read books but were getting mad that I wouldn't let you put them in your mouth so we bought you some Taggies fabric books.  They promptly went into your mouth.  
*  We love you more and more every day.  

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