Monday, April 12, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Big Move

Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz bought us a beautiful crib for Sarah that I stressed and stressed about it not coming in in time.  (I think it arrived 2 weeks before she did.)  And Grandma and Grandpa Smith bought an adorable bedding set for Sarah.  Yet, since the day she's come home from the hospital she's slept in the corner behind the door in our bedroom in the cradle our good friends the Joiners loaned us.  Which has been FANTASTIC!  Midnight, 2 am, and 4 am nursings are all a lot easier when I don't have to walk across the house, get her, and then sit alone in the living room.

Since a couple of months ago when Sarah and I got on a routine she's been napping in her crib and sleeping in her cradle.  And for I guess about 3 weeks now she's for the most part been "sleeping through the night".  Sometimes she wakes up but it's not to eat.  I give her back her paci and she's back out within 5 min.  So I said to Chris, "we should probably move her into her own room now."  He seemed all for it.  But when the day would come that I said she would move out, I'd start coming up with all kinds of excuses.  I hadn't put her laundry away that was stacked up in her crib.  I hadn't put her toys away which were in the way of her crib.  There's no nightlight in her room how will I see her if she needs me.  And so I pushed her move off for about 2 weeks.

So finally Chris had enough of me saying that she needs to move into her room and then back tracking with excuses.  So while Sarah and I were playing in the bath tub (I'm trying to get her use to the water so she can play in the pool this summer) Chris put all her laundry away, moved all excess blankets out of her crib, put a nightlight in her room, and put her sleeping wedge in her crib.  I guess he was ready for her to make the move!  So reluctantly I handed Sarah to Chris and he put her down for the night in her own room.  Now lots of people have said to me how they can't sleep with a baby in their room because they just listen and listen to make sure the baby is breathing.  I didn't understand that.  As soon as we were done nursing and I put her back in her cradle I was O-U-T until the next time. But move her across the house into her own room and I was pealed to that monitor trying to listen if she was breathing.  I psychotically ran through all the horrible things that could happen with her in her own room!  I questioned why we bought a split floor plan home (which was so the kids room wouldn't be next to ours) because now MY BABY WAS SO FAR AWAY!  I flipped about why we picked that room to be the nursery--it's the first one you see when you walk in the door!  Anyone could easily break in an snatch my baby and I'm on the other side of the kitchen with no way to get to her AHHHHHH!! (Did I mention that I'm a tid-bit crazy?

Needless to say she was fine.  She's now slept in her own room for a week and only got up a few times.  I listen on the monitor for about 10 min to see if she'll put herself back down and if she doesn't I go in re-swaddle her if she's broken free, give her her paci and she's back out within minutes.  Oh, and I've survived too.


  1. We could make the vinyl to go over the crib!

  2. What a great story. It has been a million years for me but I still remember the monitor and listening all the time to see if you can hear the little squeaks. She is precious

  3. I know! I tried to reply to your email but couldn't figure out if I did or not or what and I didn't want to look crazy emailing you again saying the same thing if I had already sent it. I think the monkey saying would look PERFECT over her crib!

  4. i relate to this post all too well with an overactive imagination and all the terrible things i cook up in my head that could happen to my baby. we have a split floor plan w/ the kids' room far from ours and as the kids get older, i love it more!