Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Diaper Cover

So Sarah has her 4 month pictures with Shannon Payne Photography soon and I wanted to do a flower theme.  I found some flower diaper covers on Etsy but they were too pricey.  So I set out to make one.  Now, I have grand ideas of crafting but I am not crafty.  Thankfully, I am skilled in the manner of talking other people into crafting for me.  So thanks Diana Burns for making this super cute diaper cover for Sarah's photo shoot!

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Nast (noun form of nasty)

The following is not for the faint of heart, or stomach.

Being a mom is pretty darn gross.  I mean, it only starts with how disgusting labor is.  Then you get peed on for the first time.  You think that's bad.  Until you get pooped on for the first time.  This was definitely accompanied by lots of screaming for help.  But I handled it.

One thing I can't handle though is vomit.  I can talk about poop all day, as many of you have unfortunately discovered.  But bring up a little vomit, pun intended, and I'm out.  Someone brought their baby up to work once (before I had considered having one) and he spit up a little, I about wretched and immediately went into my classroom.

So that being said, I have done really well when Sarah has spit up on me.  I've calmly wiped it up with anything near by, including my shirt if necessary.  And then cleaned and changed both of us.  Then there was today.  Dun dun duuuuuuunnnnnnnnn.

We burped.  She seemed good.  And that's where I made the big mistake.  She likes to be lifted in the air and come down for a kiss landing.  Chris warned me not to do that so soon after she ate.  And then it happened.  Oh you know what I mean.  I was covered face to waist.  It was bad.  So bad, we had to set up the camera and the self timer and document this.

But, you know what.  Even covered in barf, I still love being a mom.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Four Month Old

How did I get this big this fast?

Sarah, we love you so much.  Here's how you've grown this month.

Stats: head 15 3/4 in (25%tile)
          length 24 1/4 in (50%tile)
          weight (oi vey) 10 lbs 11 oz 

*  You are becoming quite the little chatter bug.  You especially like to talk in the car.  I'm thinking about getting out my SAT vocab study book to start getting you ready.  Forget the first word being dadda, we're going for full sentences.  (Welcome to having a type A mom.)  
*  You learned to roll over from your back to your tummy.  Today I put you on your tummy, went to go get something and when I came back you were on your back.  But I couldn't get you to repeat it.  We'll get there soon enough.
*  You LOVE the Little Einsteins (thanks Elsie Tate) and after you got your shots I sang the theme song to you and you calmed right down.  
*  You recognize mommy and daddy's voices and you look around for us when we're talking to you.
*  When daddy calls to talk to you, you smile as soon as you hear his voice.  You turn your head towards the phone looking for him.  And then you try to eat the phone.
*  ANYTHING is fair game to try to put in your mouth.  In fact when you get excited you don't actually smile, you open your mouth real big and try to eat whatever it is that made you happy.
*  You drool a lot!  Perhaps you're teething.
*  You are very strong.  You like to stand up and look around and watch people.
*  We LOVE your hair, though I'm sure you'll be embarrassed of the pictures when you are older.  It reminds me of troll hair.  I'm thinking about getting a jewel to put in your belly button and taking pictures.  
*  You like to read books but were getting mad that I wouldn't let you put them in your mouth so we bought you some Taggies fabric books.  They promptly went into your mouth.  
*  We love you more and more every day.  

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Rolly Polly

Sarah's been working so hard this week learning how to roll over. This has been especially fun for me because while she looks EXACTLY like Chris, she acts more like me. She would try a few times and when she couldn't do it she would get so frustrated. So we practiced together. And then wouldn't you know it, after helping her all week learn how to do it....she does it for the first time all by herself while Chris is playing with her and I'm in the shower. (So much for being a stay at home mom so I wouldn't miss any of her firsts.) So I'm just going to pretend the next time she rolls over when Chris isn't home that it's the first time. I may even call Chris and tell him she just rolled over for the first time. If he knows what's good for him, he'll play along.

First we grab our feet, or our Taggies ball.

Then we lob ourselves over onto our side.

Next we keep trying until we get our shoulder rotated.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Weight Watchers

Alright, I'm now ready to discuss the ongoing saga that is Sarah's weight.  Sarah was born 7 lbs 3 ounces, which seems all fine and normal to me.  She lost the usually weight in the hospital but had gained it all back plus sum when we went in for her 5 day check up.  The doctor was really pleased about that.  When we went in a week later she was gaining at a rate of an ounce a day!  Dr. Catherine was elated and there seemed to be no question that I'd be able to nurse Sarah successfully.

Then we went in for her 2 month check up and shots.  I was expecting her to be 10 lbs but she was only 9 lbs 7 ounces.  So we figured she was just going to be small.  Dr. Catherine didn't say anything bad about her weight but since she was still on the "petite" side she asked me to come in in a month and have her weight checked.

That's apparently when it all went down hill!  We went in for her 3 month weight check and she was only 9 lbs 14 ounces.  She only gained 7 ounces in a month.  Remember, when she was first home she was gaining an ounce a day.  So the nurse says she has to go alert Dr. Catherine.  Dr. Catherine comes in and says this is very bad news and suggests that I go to a 2 hour feeding schedule go back in a week to get Sarah's weight checked again.

Now for all you routine haters, just ignore this.  Sarah runs a wonderful 3 hour routine.  And is NEVER fussy from being hungry because we never get to that point.  She eats every 3 hours during the day and at 4pm we switch to 2 hours to get her all tanked up for the night.  Well, when the Dr asked us to nurse every 2 hours Sarah lost her naps because she's use to eating, playing for about an hour and then napping for an hour and a half.  Eating every 2 hours means no nap because by the time we'd start her nap routine and lay her down it would be time to eat again.  So we were both MISERABLE and crying all the time.  She wanted to nap; I wanted a break.  But we did it.  We went back and still her weight gain was inadequate.  This time they busted out the growth charts.  (Now here's where I get a little irritated.)  Sarah was born in the 50th percentile (I didn't know that.).  At 2 months she was in the 25th percentile (I asked when they told me that if that was a good thing or not!).  And now at 3 months and a week she has fallen to the 5th percentile and as Dr. Catherine said she was "in danger of falling off the chart."  I was all ready to argue that her lack of weight gain was because she was a petite child and that I know plenty of people's whose babies are small.  But apparently that's because those kids are born in the 5th percentile and stay there.  She wasn't...she fell there.  Bla bla bla more stress, must go back for another weight check.  More crying...whatever.  This time I begged for 2 weeks to get it together, one week was just too much pressure.

So I talked to a lactation consultant.  Really focused on getting my liquid and food intake up so that I could make enough wholesome stuff for Sarah.  And eventually had to change my paradigm about the f word (formula).  The first week I tried nursing and pumping but felt empty all the time and Sarah starting crying at meal times which she NEVER does.  So the second week, out of desperation, we offered her 2 ounces of formula.  She HATED it!  But we had to do what we had to do.  So now we are back on her normal 3 hour routine and at the end of the day after I do the last nursing for the night Chris offers her some formula.  Sometimes she takes it; sometimes she doesn't.  We kind of look at it like an extra calorie boost at the end of the day, just a way to sneak some extra weight on her.

And well it must of worked!  In 12 days she needed to gain between 6 to 12 ounces to get the Dr. off our backs and she gained a whopping 12 ounces!  WAHOO!!!!!

I cannot tell you how light the feeling in the house was yesterday.  All 3 of us have just been stressed to the max about her weight.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Big Move

Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz bought us a beautiful crib for Sarah that I stressed and stressed about it not coming in in time.  (I think it arrived 2 weeks before she did.)  And Grandma and Grandpa Smith bought an adorable bedding set for Sarah.  Yet, since the day she's come home from the hospital she's slept in the corner behind the door in our bedroom in the cradle our good friends the Joiners loaned us.  Which has been FANTASTIC!  Midnight, 2 am, and 4 am nursings are all a lot easier when I don't have to walk across the house, get her, and then sit alone in the living room.

Since a couple of months ago when Sarah and I got on a routine she's been napping in her crib and sleeping in her cradle.  And for I guess about 3 weeks now she's for the most part been "sleeping through the night".  Sometimes she wakes up but it's not to eat.  I give her back her paci and she's back out within 5 min.  So I said to Chris, "we should probably move her into her own room now."  He seemed all for it.  But when the day would come that I said she would move out, I'd start coming up with all kinds of excuses.  I hadn't put her laundry away that was stacked up in her crib.  I hadn't put her toys away which were in the way of her crib.  There's no nightlight in her room how will I see her if she needs me.  And so I pushed her move off for about 2 weeks.

So finally Chris had enough of me saying that she needs to move into her room and then back tracking with excuses.  So while Sarah and I were playing in the bath tub (I'm trying to get her use to the water so she can play in the pool this summer) Chris put all her laundry away, moved all excess blankets out of her crib, put a nightlight in her room, and put her sleeping wedge in her crib.  I guess he was ready for her to make the move!  So reluctantly I handed Sarah to Chris and he put her down for the night in her own room.  Now lots of people have said to me how they can't sleep with a baby in their room because they just listen and listen to make sure the baby is breathing.  I didn't understand that.  As soon as we were done nursing and I put her back in her cradle I was O-U-T until the next time. But move her across the house into her own room and I was pealed to that monitor trying to listen if she was breathing.  I psychotically ran through all the horrible things that could happen with her in her own room!  I questioned why we bought a split floor plan home (which was so the kids room wouldn't be next to ours) because now MY BABY WAS SO FAR AWAY!  I flipped about why we picked that room to be the nursery--it's the first one you see when you walk in the door!  Anyone could easily break in an snatch my baby and I'm on the other side of the kitchen with no way to get to her AHHHHHH!! (Did I mention that I'm a tid-bit crazy?

Needless to say she was fine.  She's now slept in her own room for a week and only got up a few times.  I listen on the monitor for about 10 min to see if she'll put herself back down and if she doesn't I go in re-swaddle her if she's broken free, give her her paci and she's back out within minutes.  Oh, and I've survived too.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Schwartz's vs The Part Time Model

A friend of ours knits the most adorable baby hats!  She sent Sarah one when she was born and I love it! Anyway, she just started selling her hats on Etsy at Little Heads and she asked if Sarah could model for a couple of the hats.  As an added bonus she let us keep the hats.  So if you know anyone who is having a baby these make PERFECT gifts!  She makes them in sizes up to 2 years old.  I'm begging her to make them in adult sizes so Sarah and I can wear matching hats.  (Yeah, I'd do that to her.)

Anyway, enjoy these shots from her photo shoot and check out Suzie's Etsy shop!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Schwartz's vs "I'll Never"

Yes, I use to say I'll never all the time.  Such as, "I'll never use a pacifier.  I don't want MY baby to be walking around with one of those in her mouth."  2 weeks old...paci in. 
However, my biggest was "I'll NEVER just sit my baby in front of the tv."  And I tried to fight it.  But here she is, buck naked (well she has a diaper) sitting in her swing, zoned out, in front of the tv watching Little Einsteins.  But let me explain!  Remember the diaper reference from the previous post.  Well, apparently I lost the battle and didn't get the diaper on securely enough and boy did we have a blow out.  Followed shortly by her puking on me while I tried to clean the first mess up.  I needed a moment to get myself changed, scrub poop out of cute clothes.  So yes.  My baby did get put in front of the tv.  But Little Einsteins are at least educational....and it was only ONE episode.  Though I was tempted there to leave her longer since she she was sans naps.

I guess, never say, "I'll never" until you have kids.  And for those of you waiting on the Easter outfit post...blame Auntie Cami.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Left Foot

Sarah has discovered her left foot.  Unfortunately she still has no idea it comes as part of match set.  The right foot goes yet unnoticed.  Cute?  Absolutely!  Except for the fact that she now like to show me her left foot while we are trying to change diapers.  So now changing our poopie pants has become quite a wrestling match as I try to get her leg down long enough to pull the tab to the diaper.  This has created a new situation which deserve its own blog post.