Monday, March 8, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the First Visit to Grandparent's House

Over the Mississippi River and through some trees, to grandmother's house we went.
Playing with Grandma

Taking a 2 month old on a 3 hour car drive was a pretty dicey move.  It went ok, but I've learned a few things.  Mostly that I should have bought an SUV.  Not because Sarah doesn't have enough space in the back, she does.  Or because we lack storage space...we don't the trunk is HUGE.  No, I wish we had a SUV so I can climb easily from front seat to back seat.  Sarah wasn't having it in the back seat at first when we drove over.  So we stopped and I climbed in the back.  Eventually she stopped screaming and fell asleep but I didn't want to sit in the back for the whole drive!  So Chris pushed my seat all the way up and laid the seat down as much as possible and I tried to climb to climb up and over the head rest into the front.  Luckily there are no pictures of this less than graceful move.  On the drive home I had to preform this move twice since she woke up and was hungry.

Sarah's been working on discovering her hands.  She's getting pretty good and consistently getting them up to her mouth and now likes to play how many fingers can I cram in there.

Finally, while we were there I performed a SHOCKING activity.  I crafted.  I'm not crafty.  My mom and sister are both wonderfully creative.  I didn't get any of those genes.  So here's how it all went down.  We bought a pack and play for Sarah to sleep in at the grandparents house and the basinet attachment wasn't as soft and cushy and I would have liked.  So I started into my routine of trying to talk mom into crafting something to make the bed more cozy for Sarah.  Mom countered with an I'll help you make something tactic.  Still thinking I could turn it into mom making it I agreed.  However, she coyly kept her hands busy by playing with Sarah while giving me directions.  So the following are pictures of something I ACTUALLY made.  Mom helped, but 90% of it was me.  I'm AMAZED!
I made a two sided double batted quilt for her pack and play.  Above is the front as I was tying it.  To the side is the back.  The back was kinda fun to make.  Mom handed me a stack of squares that went well together and I randomly picked them up and sewed them without planning.  And here's a picture of the finished front.  Sure the quilt is not square and the seams don't match up.  But you can't tell it in the picture.  =)


  1. I highly recommend this for long car trips at night

  2. Wow, Natalie. You've made a quilt. You're in a completely different class of crafters now. It looks great!!