Monday, March 22, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the 3 month old

My dear Sarah, you are 3 months old today

*  You weigh 9 lbs 14 ounces.  I think you are cute, petite and perfect and that's all we are going to say on the blog about your weight gain "issues".
*  You and your dad have invented a new game.  He calls it the "yea game".  After he changes your diaper he lifts your arms and says "yea!".  You smile and smile at him. 
*  You went on three road trips this month.  One to visit grandma and grandpa, one to a cabin with the Schwartz fam', and one to a lake house with the girls.  
*  You sleep though the night now, most nights.  Mommy and daddy are REALLY happy about this.  (Well, mostly mommy, daddy is just glad not to hear mommy gripe about what little sleep she got.  Dad's always gotten to sleep through the night.)

*  You generally are still not a fan of tummy time but are starting to tolerate it a little better.
* You still haven't figured out what all your toys are about yet.  But every now and then you grab one of them on accident and I cheer for you.  You smile and look at me like I'm crazy.
* You have gotten really good at holding your head up.  You no longer bob about like you're Ray Charles.  However, this head control is causing some issues in the car as you keep lobbing your head forward to get to your fingers.
*  We tried the bumbo chair.  You seemed to like it.  (I think you look like a mini person in it.  And yes, I know you are a mini person but that's not the point.  One day when you're a mom you'll understand what I mean.)  
(And for all of you playing along at home notice in this picture all the important things on the table.  The stack of coupons to the left of her, the Star Wars book and scriptures stacked up behind her.)
* You're finally wearing 0-3 month clothes! But still in NB diapers, I'll move you out of those next week.  
* Daddy says your feet are ticklish, but you don't like it.
* You've really got the hang of your hands now and like to hold them together, hold on to mommy and daddy's clothes, hold on to your blankets, and stuff anything you can hold onto in your mouth.  
*  You bring so much joy and love into our lives and truly are an answer to our prayers.  We love you!
Picture out takes.  We just couldn't get your to keep your hands out of your mouth!
(Adorable dress was a gift from Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Peter.)


  1. She just gets cuter everytime!!! I love the look on Cameron's face...she's questioning the holding just a bit.

  2. She was scared to hold her while standing on a hard wood floor.