Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Schwartz's vs Tummy Time

Well, it's taken 3 months but Sarah is FINALLY starting to enjoy tummy time.  She use to cry the minute I put her down on her belly.
But now she'll happily play on her tummy for 5 minutes or more.  She doesn't even mind when I put her on her tummy on her changing table, which is great for when I need to button her dresses.  

And she's started to notice the fish and coral on her play mat.  Her eyes got really big and she started scratching at the play mat; it was cute.

As for the on going saga of the weight check ups...Sarah is officially 10 lbs now, and you can call me Skim Milk.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Schwartz's vs Wordless Wednesday

* Yes, Alyson I just stole another idea from you for my blog.  Love ya!
(And I do realize I just failed at the whole idea of a wordless post.)

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the 3 month old

My dear Sarah, you are 3 months old today

*  You weigh 9 lbs 14 ounces.  I think you are cute, petite and perfect and that's all we are going to say on the blog about your weight gain "issues".
*  You and your dad have invented a new game.  He calls it the "yea game".  After he changes your diaper he lifts your arms and says "yea!".  You smile and smile at him. 
*  You went on three road trips this month.  One to visit grandma and grandpa, one to a cabin with the Schwartz fam', and one to a lake house with the girls.  
*  You sleep though the night now, most nights.  Mommy and daddy are REALLY happy about this.  (Well, mostly mommy, daddy is just glad not to hear mommy gripe about what little sleep she got.  Dad's always gotten to sleep through the night.)

*  You generally are still not a fan of tummy time but are starting to tolerate it a little better.
* You still haven't figured out what all your toys are about yet.  But every now and then you grab one of them on accident and I cheer for you.  You smile and look at me like I'm crazy.
* You have gotten really good at holding your head up.  You no longer bob about like you're Ray Charles.  However, this head control is causing some issues in the car as you keep lobbing your head forward to get to your fingers.
*  We tried the bumbo chair.  You seemed to like it.  (I think you look like a mini person in it.  And yes, I know you are a mini person but that's not the point.  One day when you're a mom you'll understand what I mean.)  
(And for all of you playing along at home notice in this picture all the important things on the table.  The stack of coupons to the left of her, the Star Wars book and scriptures stacked up behind her.)
* You're finally wearing 0-3 month clothes! But still in NB diapers, I'll move you out of those next week.  
* Daddy says your feet are ticklish, but you don't like it.
* You've really got the hang of your hands now and like to hold them together, hold on to mommy and daddy's clothes, hold on to your blankets, and stuff anything you can hold onto in your mouth.  
*  You bring so much joy and love into our lives and truly are an answer to our prayers.  We love you!
Picture out takes.  We just couldn't get your to keep your hands out of your mouth!
(Adorable dress was a gift from Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Peter.)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Road Trip

Since Sarah did such a good job on her recent car ride to Grandma and Grandpa's we decided to take a few more trips.  Actually, Sarah has slept in her pack and play for the past 2 weekends.  Anywho.  This past weekend we were fortunate enough to take a big Schwartz family vacation up to a cabin on the Tennessee River.  It was too cold to go out on the river but we had plenty to keep us entertained in the cabin.
Uncle Adam read to Sarah all about UFC.

Wii played together.

Sarah took a nap with her Aunt Melissa.  And Aunt Melissa announced the exciting news of H4's arrival sometime in November.

And we finally learned what Chris really wants to be when he grows up.  I know he said he was going to school to be an engineer, and when I never saw him study I should have asked kind of an engineer.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Hair

There is no doubting it.  Sarah is just so stinkin' cute.  Chris and I say it all the time.  I mean she really is ridiculously adorable!  (Maybe I'm a little biased, I don't care.)

Now, that being said, let's go ahead a address her hair.  I know she does not have great hair (sorry Auntie Cam).  The fact is it does look like a cow has licked her head on a daily basis.  Try as I might, I can't get it to lay down.  It's ok, we think it's cute.  But as I was pondering on this problem I began to think about how Sarah really doesn't look like me.  I know she doesn't.  That's alright.  I gave birth to her so I don't need her to look like me.  Even from when she was only a week old people said she looked just like her daddy.

As I was pondering this problem I was looking back at old posts and I had an epiphany!  Sarah does have some Smith genes!  And they express themselves through her hair.

She's got Grandpa's hair!  That's where this crazy cowlick comes from!  And I'd cry too if my hair looked like that.

But she does have my uncanny ability to light up a room.  (And not with her smile people...)  She's like a tiny full grown man sometimes.  And then she smiles and it is ADORABLE!  

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the First Visit to Grandparent's House

Over the Mississippi River and through some trees, to grandmother's house we went.
Playing with Grandma

Taking a 2 month old on a 3 hour car drive was a pretty dicey move.  It went ok, but I've learned a few things.  Mostly that I should have bought an SUV.  Not because Sarah doesn't have enough space in the back, she does.  Or because we lack storage space...we don't the trunk is HUGE.  No, I wish we had a SUV so I can climb easily from front seat to back seat.  Sarah wasn't having it in the back seat at first when we drove over.  So we stopped and I climbed in the back.  Eventually she stopped screaming and fell asleep but I didn't want to sit in the back for the whole drive!  So Chris pushed my seat all the way up and laid the seat down as much as possible and I tried to climb to climb up and over the head rest into the front.  Luckily there are no pictures of this less than graceful move.  On the drive home I had to preform this move twice since she woke up and was hungry.

Sarah's been working on discovering her hands.  She's getting pretty good and consistently getting them up to her mouth and now likes to play how many fingers can I cram in there.

Finally, while we were there I performed a SHOCKING activity.  I crafted.  I'm not crafty.  My mom and sister are both wonderfully creative.  I didn't get any of those genes.  So here's how it all went down.  We bought a pack and play for Sarah to sleep in at the grandparents house and the basinet attachment wasn't as soft and cushy and I would have liked.  So I started into my routine of trying to talk mom into crafting something to make the bed more cozy for Sarah.  Mom countered with an I'll help you make something tactic.  Still thinking I could turn it into mom making it I agreed.  However, she coyly kept her hands busy by playing with Sarah while giving me directions.  So the following are pictures of something I ACTUALLY made.  Mom helped, but 90% of it was me.  I'm AMAZED!
I made a two sided double batted quilt for her pack and play.  Above is the front as I was tying it.  To the side is the back.  The back was kinda fun to make.  Mom handed me a stack of squares that went well together and I randomly picked them up and sewed them without planning.  And here's a picture of the finished front.  Sure the quilt is not square and the seams don't match up.  But you can't tell it in the picture.  =)

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Schwartz's vs Gangsta Baby

Perhaps its because she spent most of her time in utero at an urban school.  Who knows.  But I can't get Sarah to stop throwing gang signs when we're taking pictures.

It started when she was only 3 days old...

Then there was when she was 1 month old...

One time when we were relaxing on the couch...
And now, even on a Sunday all dressed up a looking ADORABLE...
What can I say, you can take the baby out of Pisgah, but you can't take the Pisgah out of the baby.