Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Coupons

I am by NO MEANS the Coupon Queen. But everyone needs a hobby and if I *really* want to stay home for good I've got to figure out how to compensate for my lack of income. So I've taken up couponing. It is quite addictive and exhilarating when I score a good deal.

I follow the teaching of Bekah Miles; I even took her coupon class. She got me hooked on Southernsavers . That lady rocks! The southernsavers website lays out the weekly ads and what coupons match and then even tells you what to buy on what transaction to get the best deal. So Thursday, Bekah posted something on her blog about cheap diapers and free body wash. FREE...I do free, I was intrigued. Then Friday she posted another thing about cheap diapers at Walgreens. Most of you know I recently went crazy stock up on diapers when Target ran a deal so I could get Pampers for under $4 a pack, so I really don't need diapers right now, but $3 for a pack of huggies I couldn't pass up.

So here's my recent triumph at Walgreens (or Wags as the pro-couponers call it). I went Saturday afternoon and did the first two transactions. Came home, realized what a CRAZY good deal it was and did 2 more transactions after our Valentines date at Bonefish.

Transaction 1
Buy (1) Dove body wash 5.99
Use (1) -1.25 off
Subtotal: $4.74
Get back $6 in RR

Transaction 2
Buy (1) Huggies 8.99
Buy (1) candy as filler .49
Use (1) -2.50 off
Use $6 in RR from previous transaction
Subtotal: $0.98
Get back $3 in RR
Transaction 3
Buy (1) Dove body wash 5.99
Buy (1) filler pencil .39 (was only supposed to be .09 but I didn't notice it rang up wrong!)
Use (1) -1.00 off Dove
Use $3 RR from transaction 2
Subtotal: $2.38
Get back $6 in RR

Transaction 4
Buy (1) Huggies 8.99
Buy (1) filler pencil .39 (still a little bitter that I didn't notice the miss ring)
Use (1) -3.00 off huggies
Use $6 RR from previous transaction.
Subtotal: $0.38
Get back $3 in RR

So that's a grand total of
I SPENT $8.48 out of pocket
That's 73% off or $22.75 and I still have $3 in RR to use on a future transaction.

And here's your daily dose of Sarah:
Happy Valentines Day!


  1. ok, you stinker! where did you get such high value huggies coupons??!! mine were only for $2 off! thanks for adding pictures of sarah, they're my favorite part :)

  2. I have also gotten hooked on coupons. If you can figure out how it all works then you can really save a small fortune. Those were great buys. One day I want to be like those people that can buy 100.00 worth of stuff for just pennies. And by the way...Sarah is adorable!!

  3. Impressed!!!-that's all I can say...