Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Blessing

Sarah and Chris's big day finally came. There was much stressful planning on my part. How are we going to fit all these people in our house? What are we going to serve? What are we going to do to entertain our out of town guests? What is Chris going to say? Is it kosher for me to write a script for him? But what I worried about the most...would Sarah be a good girl and be quiet during her blessing, or was she going to be that kid that screamed bloody murder throughout the whole thing?

We got up early and timed her nursing schedule just right so I knew she wouldn't be hungry. We put her in her long white dress and packed her into the car. She was handling it like a champ. We got to church just before the service started, I handed her to her daddy and then BAM she starts crying. Now, Sarah is a good happy girl, but when she gets going it is LOUD. So now I'm frantically walking around the halls with her trying to get her to calm down before they call Chris up for the blessing. I finally get her good and calm, we go in and take the sacrament. Then when they call Chris up, she starts crying again. So yes, my child was that kid. And as soon as it was over, she was calm and fell asleep! What a punk.

Smith Family with Sarah at her Blessing

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  1. I shouln't have laughed at your stress, but I couldn't help it! She's already keeping you on your toes!