Friday, January 29, 2010

The Schwartz's vs Tomatoes

It is a truly sad day for Natalie. Sarah has some baby acne and while she is doomed to have it as a teenager because I had HORRIBLE acne, I don't want my beautiful baby girl to suffer from it now. She's too cute for that. I've tried washing her face multiple times during the day, but it just keeps getting worse. It has even spread to her shoulders, back and chest. So I called my mom and asked what I could do. She said I had to figure out what I was eating that was bothering her. But I'm not eating anything unusual. It's not like I'm sitting around eating greasy food and chocolate or something like that. Mom suggested that it might be tomatoes. Apparently when she had us, we would break out if she had eaten tomatoes. So to test the theory I have to cut out all tomatoes from my diet!

Now, you may be thinking, no big deal. NO BIG DEAL! Let me break it down for you. We have a tomato based pasta or Italian dish at least once a week. Why? Because it's cheap and lasts us a few meals. For example, two weeks ago it was pizza. Last week it was lasagna rolls. This week it was spaghetti. In fact, I had just gotten done having a bowl of spaghetti when I called my mom. Our favorite thing for lunch after we get home from church is grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup!

But if it will help Sarah's skin clear up...

So I am giving up the evil tomatoes starting now. Wish me luck, and help me figure out a new meal calendar.


  1. your little darling is beautiful and i think baby acne is completely normal. all of mine had it. they all went through an awkward stage at about 2 months when their hair fell out and got really dry w/ cradle cap, had those blasted white head zits, and were still bobbing their heavy heads up and down. i wouldn't wash it so often, it may be the soap irritating her skin. that's just me though.. you're the momma, you know what's best for your baby :)

  2. Good luck!! Hope you figure out what it is soon.