Monday, January 25, 2010

The Schwartz's vs The Rest of the Story

Well, what Natalie says is true, Sarah is the most awesome thing ever! But, she has neglected to mention a few things that I wish to shed some light on... So here we go.

First, the MarioKart thing was because earlier in the pregnancy, right around the time that we started the birthing class, she had mentioned that she wanted to keep her mind off of the contractions. We figured that Mariokart was a good way to do that (we recently started playing it together again).

Now, about the laundry... Natalie had been washing everything that Sarah was going to come in contact with in Dreft. It occured to me that we hadn't washed anything involved in the car seat yet. I thought I was being a good husband. And in defense of not washing the car seat stuff... we had some trouble deciding which car seat/stroller to keep. We got 2 in 2 different baby showers and hadn't decided until the Saturday before Sarah was born (she was born on Tuesday) which one we were gonna keep. On a side note, we kept the right one. The one we returned was recalled!

Next, our admittance time. We arrived at the hospital at 9am and weren't admitted until 9:45ish. That's because they took Natalie away from me for 45 minutes! They don't tell you that. They did say that Natalie would go back alone for a little bit... BUT NOT 45 MINUTES!!! And they ask her scary questions like, "Does your husband beat you?" and, "Does your husband lock you in the closet?" and, "Are you going to sell your baby? Is your husband?" They hate men at the hospital.

I do agree with her about cel phones, they are banned from the next labor. I apologize to everyone in advance that when they get the next text about going to the hospital with my wife who is about to bring our next child into the world, that will most likely be the last until everything has calmed down.

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