Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Schwartz's vs One Month Old

Sarah you were one month old a few days ago. (Mommy is slow to blog sometimes.)

* You love to sit in your swing and rock fast.
* We borrowed a Moby warp from a friend and you enjoy being close to mommy while we shop or run errands.
* You attended your first daddy daughter date for Young Womens. You slept on mommy the whole time while daddy worked.
* You still haven't figured out that day time is when you are supposed to be awake, which makes night time a little tough still.
* You've started to notice your mobile in your crib and on the swing and enjoy watching them.
* You LOVE the Children's Hymns CDs and when you're really upset we listen to them loud and sing along.
* You enjoy it when mommy sings to you, though when you're old you won't believe me because mommy can't sign to save her life.
* You like it when mommy reads to you, but we don't have any children's books right now she we read the Ensign and scriptures together.
* When we go out, if you are in you bear suit, you sleep through the whole thing.

* You've had lots of people come to visit you, you sleep through most of them.
* Everyone says you are a beautiful baby and compliments you on all your hair.
* Your mommy and daddy love you very much and have made huge sacrifices so that mommy can stay home with you.

* You've got a great set of lungs on you and some days it seems like you only have two modes: sleep or scream. At first you didn't want to have your one month picture taken. But you eventually decided it was ok.


  1. That is very sweet. You must keep that for her so when she gets older she can know what it was like when she was 1 month old.

  2. I stole the idea from a friend who takes a picture each month on the day and then posts a little "here's what you can do".

  3. Great pictures! I love the flower, it's adorable! I'm glad you get to stay home, but we miss you at school.

  4. What a great post. Keep it up! This will be such a treasure as time passes by.