Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the Snow 2010

Ah snow. Our annual ice storm came on January 29th this year. Chris stayed home from work and we enjoyed the day together. We even went over to Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz's and stayed the night. Sarah did great by the way, she only got up at 3am and 6am. It snowed, iced, and sleeted most of the day on Friday so we had to wait until Saturday to take some pictures of our little snow baby.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Schwartz's vs Tomatoes

It is a truly sad day for Natalie. Sarah has some baby acne and while she is doomed to have it as a teenager because I had HORRIBLE acne, I don't want my beautiful baby girl to suffer from it now. She's too cute for that. I've tried washing her face multiple times during the day, but it just keeps getting worse. It has even spread to her shoulders, back and chest. So I called my mom and asked what I could do. She said I had to figure out what I was eating that was bothering her. But I'm not eating anything unusual. It's not like I'm sitting around eating greasy food and chocolate or something like that. Mom suggested that it might be tomatoes. Apparently when she had us, we would break out if she had eaten tomatoes. So to test the theory I have to cut out all tomatoes from my diet!

Now, you may be thinking, no big deal. NO BIG DEAL! Let me break it down for you. We have a tomato based pasta or Italian dish at least once a week. Why? Because it's cheap and lasts us a few meals. For example, two weeks ago it was pizza. Last week it was lasagna rolls. This week it was spaghetti. In fact, I had just gotten done having a bowl of spaghetti when I called my mom. Our favorite thing for lunch after we get home from church is grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup!

But if it will help Sarah's skin clear up...

So I am giving up the evil tomatoes starting now. Wish me luck, and help me figure out a new meal calendar.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Schwartz's vs One Month Old

Sarah you were one month old a few days ago. (Mommy is slow to blog sometimes.)

* You love to sit in your swing and rock fast.
* We borrowed a Moby warp from a friend and you enjoy being close to mommy while we shop or run errands.
* You attended your first daddy daughter date for Young Womens. You slept on mommy the whole time while daddy worked.
* You still haven't figured out that day time is when you are supposed to be awake, which makes night time a little tough still.
* You've started to notice your mobile in your crib and on the swing and enjoy watching them.
* You LOVE the Children's Hymns CDs and when you're really upset we listen to them loud and sing along.
* You enjoy it when mommy sings to you, though when you're old you won't believe me because mommy can't sign to save her life.
* You like it when mommy reads to you, but we don't have any children's books right now she we read the Ensign and scriptures together.
* When we go out, if you are in you bear suit, you sleep through the whole thing.

* You've had lots of people come to visit you, you sleep through most of them.
* Everyone says you are a beautiful baby and compliments you on all your hair.
* Your mommy and daddy love you very much and have made huge sacrifices so that mommy can stay home with you.

* You've got a great set of lungs on you and some days it seems like you only have two modes: sleep or scream. At first you didn't want to have your one month picture taken. But you eventually decided it was ok.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Schwartz's vs The Rest of the Story

Well, what Natalie says is true, Sarah is the most awesome thing ever! But, she has neglected to mention a few things that I wish to shed some light on... So here we go.

First, the MarioKart thing was because earlier in the pregnancy, right around the time that we started the birthing class, she had mentioned that she wanted to keep her mind off of the contractions. We figured that Mariokart was a good way to do that (we recently started playing it together again).

Now, about the laundry... Natalie had been washing everything that Sarah was going to come in contact with in Dreft. It occured to me that we hadn't washed anything involved in the car seat yet. I thought I was being a good husband. And in defense of not washing the car seat stuff... we had some trouble deciding which car seat/stroller to keep. We got 2 in 2 different baby showers and hadn't decided until the Saturday before Sarah was born (she was born on Tuesday) which one we were gonna keep. On a side note, we kept the right one. The one we returned was recalled!

Next, our admittance time. We arrived at the hospital at 9am and weren't admitted until 9:45ish. That's because they took Natalie away from me for 45 minutes! They don't tell you that. They did say that Natalie would go back alone for a little bit... BUT NOT 45 MINUTES!!! And they ask her scary questions like, "Does your husband beat you?" and, "Does your husband lock you in the closet?" and, "Are you going to sell your baby? Is your husband?" They hate men at the hospital.

I do agree with her about cel phones, they are banned from the next labor. I apologize to everyone in advance that when they get the next text about going to the hospital with my wife who is about to bring our next child into the world, that will most likely be the last until everything has calmed down.

Posted by Christopher (no matter what it says underneath this)

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Schwartz's vs the most Awesome thing EVER!

Ok, so Sarah's a month old and I still haven't blogged about her birth. I'm workin' on it people!

Our family became INFINITELY more AWESOME on December 22nd. Sarah is the perfect blend of Chris and my personalities. She's very calm and laid back like her dad. And yet still demonstrates Type-A traits like her mom. For example, on the 21st we went to the our 40 week check up and the doctor did not think Sarah was going to come on her own so we went over the induction plans for the 31st. But Sarah didn't need an induction. She just needed it to be her due date. So on the 22nd at about 2:30 in the morning she started the process to make her grand entrance.

I'm proud of Chris and I; we stuck to what we set out to do. We stayed home until contractions were 5 min apart and didn't freak out. I actually didn't wake Chris up until about 4:30 when I finally figured out they were real contractions. His reaction was to start a load of laundry. He also asked me if I wanted to play Wii MarioKart.

We had a really easy labor (as far as labor goes). We were admitted officially around 9:45 and had Sarah at 2:22 pm. (sans epidural!) I'm most impressed that I was nice during the whole process. I never yelled or said anything rude to anyone. I never asked for the epidural. However, I did turn to the nurse at one point and say "I choose C-section", she laughed because it was almost time to push; we were just waiting on the dr.

The only thing I'll change for next time is I'm banning the cell phone. It seems at ever contraction I was having to call Chris back over to me from him text messaging family and friends.