Monday, December 14, 2009

The Schwartz vs Twin Day

There is one school day that is far superior to every other school day.

Twin day. Tomi and I have been twins for three years running, and we are darn good at it!

Though, I must admit, our first year was by far the best year because our hair was a similar length. So traditionally we wear our adorable ho ho ho holiday shirt, with jeans, and black mary jane crocs.

Our second year, the shirts shrunk a little so we had to had a black undershirt. But we made that up with awesome blinking holiday socks. (Sorry, there is no picture.)

Now, this year the most epicily awesome twin day EVER! We have been planning it since I got knocked up. The holiday shirts were out because of the shrinkage issues and well, I definitely wouldn't fit it. So we went with a basic gray long sleeve shirt and jeans. Tomi borrowed a blow up world globe to make herself a preggo belly. It was hilarious! The other teachers were having to do a double take. I don't know how we'll be able to top this next year...

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