Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Schwartz's vs Thanksgiving

This was the first year that some major travel was involved for most of the family to get together for Thanksgiving. The Smith's have slowly, but surely been migrating and freeing themselves from Memphis. 5 years ago, when Chris and I married, my parents moved to Arkansas (they say there was no plotting in the timing, but I'm not so sure about that.) Shortly thereafter Emily and David married and those two have been heading further and further east with each move. They are now in Cookeville. So it was Pete and I holding down the fort here in the Memphis area and having everyone come to us at Thanksgiving and Christmas; it just made sense. Well, Pete and his family skipped town this summer moving to Cincinnati, OH leaving just Chris and me in Memphis. (Oh, I'm sorry Chris...the Memphis area, we are technically in Atoka as he likes to point that out.)

So we all packed up and headed to Emily's for Thanksgiving since it was the most central location (about 6 hours for the parents and Pete). At first, she was afraid; she was petrified. Kept thinking she could never fit us all around inside. But we brought plenty of air mattresses and we expected to be fed. It got loud, when all the Smith's come to town. (Yeah, that should be sung to I will survive.)

There was no need to worry, everyone fit in the house and we had a blast! We're big board game players so we enjoyed Cranium; we divided up into teams by family.

Team Schwartz won!

The next day we went a played wiffle ball with some of Emily's work friends. She was quite thrilled that she brought enough family to field her own team.

It was a hair raising experience and we can't wait to get everyone together again!

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