Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Schwartz's vs Roller Skating

Facebook was a flurry of activity as people debated the intelligence of my desire to go roller skating Friday night. The war was also being carried out at both work fronts. Some people were decidedly against it thinking it was too dangerous. Others saw the humor in the situation and understood that I know my limits.

Sure, I'm 8 months pregnant. But remember people, I have been fortunate enough to carry on with all of my normal activities. I go to cardio circuit and step aerobics once a week and yoga twice a week so my heart can handle roller skating and my balance is fantastic. I dare say that I can hold some balance poses such as the tree and dancer longer than some non-pregnant people in the class. Plus, the rink is closed to the general public so it was about 80 kids who if I teach them, they know better than to try to kill me. It would really hurt their grades....

So I donned my spandex skate covers and headed to the Cordova Skate Center Friday night to support our school band that is trying to raise money for a trip to compete in St. Louis.

Chris was there to supervise.

Here is Chris helping Cameron into her spandex skate covers. (There were matching skirts but unfortunately they didn’t come in a size bigger than a 9 year old would wear. HOWEVER Cameron did fit one, but I promised not to post the picture of it.)

I took an entourage with me to form a protective bubble so kids couldn’t get to close.

We definitely got our jam skate on.

And at the end of the night, it wasn't the preggo who fell. It was....

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