Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Schwartz's vs Blogging

Hello all! (Assuming there is an "all" out there reading it. If not I'd say, "hi mom" but my parents already told me that they would not be reading my blog.)

As we prepare to expand our family in December most expectant moms go through a "nesting" phase where the get everything ready for baby. Chris and I...not so much. Instead we have done everything surrounding things to get ready for baby but not anything that is actually helpful for baby coming home.

For example, we converted our office into a guest bedroom with the help of my sister so that the back bedroom that was formally the guest bedroom could become the nursery. We bought and cut crown molding to put up in the nursery and poured over 37 different shades of white to paint it, but have yet to select a color for the nursery wall. We went out yesterday and bought Chris a new suit to bless the baby in, but haven't even begun looking for dresses for her to wear while she's being blessed. And of course, Chris ordered my new mom gift in plenty of time for it to arrive before the baby comes so he can give it to me when I first become a mom, but we didn't know it took 8 weeks for crib furniture to come in, so the actual bed she'll be sleeping in will arrive hopefully no later than 2 weeks after she's born.

Then today, Chris turns to me completely randomly while he is playing Wii sports resort and says, "can we name a blog schwartztastic". So here we are finally entering the realm of blogging so that you all (again assuming there is an audience of more than 1) can keep up with the crazy that is about to become our life.

We hope to entertain you as well as keep you informed of how chock full of awesome we are. And since this is our first attempt at blogging I'm not quite sure how updated it will be, but since I am the master at procrastination I'm sure you can check back often to find our ramblings here.

But be forewarned, in case you can't already tell. In 5th grade, Mrs. Strachen, my English teacher wrote the word "verbose" on my paper. I have yet to out grow that problem. In college, Dr. Black told me after senior seminar one day "Natalie, you sure do talk a lot but you rarely say anything of value." This also still holds true to today. So, skim, scan, ignore, just come back often...I implore!


  1. you have your audience of 1 entertained, that's for sure. i'm looking forward to many more updates!! have you already had your baby shower? i want an invite! :)

  2. Eliza is throwing me one this Saturday at her house. It's at 10am. It would be great if you could come! It's co-ed if Dustin wants to come for it too. Megan will be there, and we invited Ryan so hopefully he and Katherine can make it too.

  3. I wish, wish, wish I could come! Unfortunately, that's my Drew's bday party. I hope you have a great time and get lots of cool stuff. How can I get a gift to you?!

  4. You crack me up!!! Excited for you and Chris to meet little Sarah! Congrats!